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Your dentures & partials. Our in-house lab.

The ultimate patient convenience.

If you wear dentures or a partial denture, you probably know what it's like to be without them for a few days. You feel the embarrassment of "missing teeth" while your removable prosthetic spends time in some distant lab. But with a well-trained, experienced and caring emergency dentist like Dr. Alan D. Yount in your corner, you can kiss those embarrassing days goodbye. Dr. Yount has an onsite, in-house lab that can handle fabrication, relines and other adjustments and repairs to your dentures or partial the same day. So you're never without your "teeth" for very long.

It's another one of the many ways Dr. Yount and his dental care team can make your oral healthcare easier and more convenient than you ever thought possible. Call Dr. Yount and ask about his onsite, in-house lab capabilities today.

Dr. Yount serves the communities of Alexander City, Dadeville and Opelika (in Lee County, AL). His practice is located near Auburn University. For the attractive, confident, healthy smile you deserve, trust Dr. Yount's experience, complete capabilities and uniquely personal, down-to-earth approach to dentistry.

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