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The experience & capability thousands have trusted for decades.

Practicing dentistry for more than 25 years, Dr. Alan D. Yount has the knowledge and skill that only an experienced family dentist can provide. A caring, dedicated professional who has been serving the residents of Alabama for more than two decades, he has helped over 10,000 people have healthy, attractive smiles by providing the comprehensive, top-quality dental care you and your family deserve.

A conservative, compassionate approach marked by personal dedication.

Dr. Yount is a caring, personable man with a warm and friendly demeanor. He believes in doing things right. He offers a range of treatment options, keeping affordability in mind. He only recommends care that’s necessary and appropriate, and most importantly, he believes in preserving your natural teeth.

Dr. Yount is also reasonable and flexible and sees one patient at a time. In short, he is dedicated to helping everyone in your family, from children to grandparents, have a lifetime of healthy, happy smiles.

Maximizing your smile with same-day, single-visit precision crowns & veneers.

As part of his dedication to excellent care, Dr. Yount uses a variety of advanced, powerful tools to provide him with more information and greater accuracy in treatment. His goal is for you to have a healthy, natural-looking smile that lasts. Among the most advanced tools Dr. Yount uses is state-of-the-art CEREC technology. CEREC is a computer-aided design and fabrication machine that allows Dr. Yount to create precision-crafted crowns and veneers that fit right the first time.

Have the attractive, confident smile you’ve always dreamed of.

If you’ve ever wished you had a more attractive smile, Dr. Yount helps make that wish come true. In fact, with advanced esthetic dentistry techniques, virtually every smile can be improved. Chip teeth. Cracked teeth. Dull or yellow teeth. “Gummy” or “toothy” smiles. Misaligned or uneven teeth. Crowded teeth or gap teeth. Even missing or severely damaged teeth. Whatever your problem, Dr. Yount has the training, experience and skill to help you have an attractive, confident and healthy-looking smile.

Dr. Yount serves the communities of Alex City, Dadeville and Opelika (in Lee County, AL). His practice is located near Auburn University. To schedule an appointment, call 334-821-2404 today or you can use our online form to Request an Appointment.

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